Jerome Kassirer ​​​​​|  Author, Editor, Physician

A young doctor Kassirer at Tufts Medical Center
Dr. Jerome Kassirer, Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine
Dr. Kassirer in 2012




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Jerome Kassirer, 
author, acclaimed 
physician, and former
Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, has
a new medical memoir,
“Unanticipated Outcomes,"
out now.

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“Jerry Kassirer’s trajectory, from medical student in Buffalo to editor of the most prestigious medical journal in the world could be a compelling book in itself, full of its own wonderful anecdotes that reflect both his times and the events that shaped his values. But it is the battle that takes shape when those values come into conflict with commercialism that makes this a terrific memoir.” ​​    
-- Abraham C. Verghese, M.D., Stanford University